Monday, 13 July 2015

Healthy Sashimi

4 days to go and counting

Breakfast: Oats so Simple Golden Syrup porridge pot
Lunch: Wagamama chicken ramen
Dinner: Cucumber sushi, salmon and beef sashimi, cooked prawns and egged sushi rice.
Snacks: No snacks today

Today was the last Monday I’ll ever spend in the office and so far, I’m not feeling any sadness at all. Once again, I’ve not had any work to do and as my Boss was sat next to me, I managed to find ‘stuff’ to do, which made it look like I wasn’t browsing random forums for most of the day. Whilst I have now concluded that I am, ‘officially bored of porridge’, I still have 5 pots of the stuff to use up, so had a pot for breakfast whilst talking to my lovely work colleague.

Last night, lovely work colleague and I went to the Cinema to watched ‘Ted 2’ – It was OK, a couple of funny ‘Heh’ moments in it, however I wouldn’t say it was an Oscar winning film by any standards. Lovely work colleague was telling me about a festival she went to and how she kissed her tattooist :-) Apparently it’s not going to go anywhere, but she seemed happy enough, so good for her, if you’re single, why not?

I don’t know if I’m unusual, however if my period is late, I always find that it’s heavier in general and sadly this month it looks like one of the SAW Horror films down there. Whilst I’m pretty un-phased about this, having had periods since I was 9 (If I have any daughters, it would be nice if they could start puberty later, I think starting so early was rather rubbish) the constant stomach ache has been rather unpleasant. 

In the ‘before time’, I’d usually console myself with chocolate or ‘treat’ myself to a takeaway as I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, however I’m still trying not to use food as an emotional crutch, so when I went to Wagamamas with my lovely work colleague and another work colleague (who is lovely, but we’re not as close) I stuck to ordering and eating my usual – the Chicken ramen dish which is one of the healthiest main dishes you can order.

After lunch, I took a quick detour so that I could grab a couple of things at Tescos, as I had another friend coming over after work and wanted to cook her some ‘Japanese awesomeness’ and with Japanese dishes, the fresher = the better. The rest of the afternoon was rather dull, so I made the time go faster by researching what my Boyfriend and I could do this weekend as we’re going away for a night…. Not that he knows where, as it’s still a secret :-) I found a Bee Farm nearby to where we’re staying and some really nice National Trust properties – so noted down the postcodes for Saturday and Sunday.

I left work at 4:30 as 'Why not?' and as soon as I got home, I started making the sushi rice as you need to let it stand for a minimum of 45 minutes before you can work with it. As my friend is also trying to eat healthy I thought I make her a sushi / sashimi dish with some extra rice and egg on the side. I kind of made it up as I went along, however I think it looks pretty awesome.

Tomorrow I'm working from home, so I plan to have a long lie in and then see how productive I can be tomorrow. As I'm officially still working, I'm mostly bound to my house and if any emails come in, I will of course, answer them.. However apart from that? Hrm.. I might try and sort out my kitchen cupboard which is rather crowded at the moment... Rock and Roll!

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