Monday, 20 July 2015

Only buying healthy things in the supermarket

So far, things are looking good!

My first 'official;' day of garden leave and I think I've been more mentally busy than I have been for the last few weeks whilst at work. After getting up, I stuck a load of washing on and planned out what I would be eating for the next few days - I really don't want to give up on my healthy eating so I was thinking that if I meal planned, I would know what to get in the supermarket and it would be easier to stay on track if I knew what I'd be eating for the next few days.

Well, my shopping trip was incredibly successful. I managed to get a whole lot of fruit and vegetables and precisely 0 snacks at all. In fact, the only 'additional' thing that I bought was for lunch today and I was incredibly proud of the fact that I'd found it! What's that? Butter nut squash dip.. Hurrah! I loved the Butter nut squash and sweet potato dip that Marks and Spencers used to do, however they stupidly decided to discontinue it a few weeks ago, much to the chagrin of my lovely vegan friend and myself. Having had it for lunch with a raw pepper and pita bread, I have to say it's rather nice and with less than 6g of fat per 100g of the stuff, I'm certainly going to be eating a lot of it in the future - I just hope Sainsburys don't decide to discontinue it was well!

As I really don't want to sit on my arse for the next 4 weeks watching random TV. I decided to head off to another National Trust property and go to Hinton Ampner. I've been before so I knew it wasn't a massive property, but I could easily spend an hour or so walking around and admiring the antiques in the house. As it wasn't the best weather in the world today I also thought it wouldn't matter too much if I had to cut my visit short as it was within an hours drive of my house.

I think I made the right choice as it turns out that only the bottom floor of the house was open as there is construction work being done on the roof. Due to all the scaffolding, the house doesn't look as grand as it did before, however I guess it's a necessary evil and once done, the roof will be a lot better :-) The gardens were still beautifully done and I actually decided to wander down a footpath for 1/2 a mile or so in the fields, opposite to the property.All in all, I'm glad I went out and about, rather than staying in.

As news of my leaving the company spread round my ex-colleagues (my Boss sent an email just after lunch, telling everyone I had left), I was inundated with emails and Facebook friend requests which was really, really touching. I spent a good hour replying to people and was trying to balance telling them 'the truth', without coming across as bitter. Once again, it was really, really nice to read some of the complimentary things that all of my ex-colleagues were writing and stops me asking myself 'Was it me? Was I crap at my job?' evidently a lot of people don't seem to think so :-)

Tonight my lovely non-work friend and I are going to watch 4 episodes of  'Judge Geordie' and I've cooked her a Whole roasted cauliflower which turned out really, really well - whether you're a meat eater or not, I'd certainly recommend it. Yum! One of my sisters turned up tonight and we spent a lovely hour at the pub with my boyfriend and now we're off to bed so we can spend a lovely day together tomorrow :-)

So yes... Been 100% committed to my healthy eating and feeling really awesome! :-)

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