Thursday, 16 July 2015

There's a lot of love in the air

I'm loving a lot of things in life at the moment.

Breakfast: Fruit salad
Lunch: Raw pepper, tomatoes and cucumber with Houmous
Dinner: ??????
Snack: 2 slices of malt loaf

I loved the small packet of Maltesers I had yesterday - I genuinely savoured them and oddly, I felt really full after eating them which is certainly different to how I used to be. I could easily eat a 'Family sized' bag which was about 4-5 times the size of a normal portion and eat more afterwards, in fact I thought nothing of eating an entire dinner and then 'snacking' on a large Family sized bag an hour or so afterwards. I enjoyed them, I really did. It won't be a daily thing, not even a weekly thing, but if I want another bag next week... then I need to stop feeling so guilty about it.

So yes, I loved the Maltesers yesterday, I also loved my dinner. I haven't had Turkey in any shape or form since Christmas day, however I saw the 'Paprika turkey breast steaks' and thought they sounded OK, so bought a packet. I cooked both last night and gave one to my Boyfriend when he came round as he's on his Atkins-esque diet so can eat meat. I had my steak with baby roast potatoes and a lot of steamed veg. I thought it would taste OK, it tasted better than OK, it tasted absolutely gorgeous. I'm not keen on hot / spicy things, but it wasn't spicy at all, it was very nice and incredibly filling. As Turkey is even more healthy than chicken, I'd certainly recommend trying turkey, especially if it's marinated in something interesting.

I'll definitely be buying more turkey in the near future - I'm not sure it would go in a salad, but there's only one way to find out! So yes... I've currently got a lot of love for turkey as well as Maltesers.

Breakfast this morning was por... aha! No, it wasn't :-) It wasn't my obligatory porridge at all, it was an amazing fruit salad that I made myself after nipping to Sainsburys with my Boyfriend last night. He wanted to get a bulb from Halfords and as we were out and about, I suggested we nip into the supermarket quickly. As I'm working from home today, I decided I wanted something different to porridge, so thought I'd make a fantastic looking fruit salad. It tasted amazing, however I think if I were to eat it every day, I'd be overdosing slightly on fruit sugar and I'm not sure it would fill me up as much as porridge would - Maybe greek yogurt and less fruit would be better? Either way, I still really loved it.

So yes, love for fruit salad as well :-)

I'm loving the fact I only have ONE MORE DAY at work after today and to celebrate I have bought some 'classy' Prosecco, which I plan to drink when I get back from work on Friday. Not the entire bottle mind you, but sitting on my sofa, with a glass of Prosecco and thinking 'That's it... no more, I'm done' after a number of crappy months at work is something I'm really looking forward to doing. So there's certainly love for my life - and I'm really loving the fact I'll be having 4 weeks garden leave starting on Monday!

After eating my breakfast, I decided I'd be productive by straightening my hair and hoovering the house - it's only a small 2 bedroomed house, so hardly a mansion, but I find it hard to relax unless it's tidy and for the last couple of days, I've noticed 'bits' on the floor which annoys me. 

Despite 'working from home' today, there wasn't any work to do at all, apart from reply to a couple of emails, therefore I spent most of it watching Horror Movies and political dramas (SAW, Sinister, BBC Adaptation of 'The House of cards'), waiting to head off to my friends house as she's having a 'Rock Star' party with a few of her work friends and invited me over as well. I'm not overly bothered about the Rock Star part (PC game, I believe.. like Guitar Hero, never played it as prefer things on the Play station!) but it will be nice catching up with her... She's the friend who is divorcing her nasty Husband and is stupidly shagging a married man at the moment.

Lunch was my usual, with raw pepper, tomatoes and cucumber. However unfortunately Sainsburys seems to be out of 'Moroccan topped houmous' which is frustrating, so I decided to opt for the caramelised onion one instead - more fat, sadly, however I actually enjoy this one as opposed to the 'roasted red pepper one', which I find a bit, 'meh'...  I've actually really enjoyed eating less processed food today, so I'm thinking of continuing this next week. 

I'm off to my friends shortly and have absolutely no idea what she's making for dinner tonight - It may be 'finger food', I'm hoping it's not pizza or takeaway. I don't want to be antisocial, however I'm going to bring a couple of slices of malt loaf and a Bakewell tart nakd bar in case it's all total junk, in which case, I could have a small amount, but eat some more healthy options that I'll keep in my handbag... 

I guess I'll find out soon!

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