Friday, 21 August 2015


And so the end of the first week at my new job beckons

.. and I don't think I could have asked it to have gone better than it did! I can't believe that only a few months ago, I was so unhappy and now I've got the rest of my life to do whatever I want without the worry and stress of working with horrible people.

As today was Friday, I was in London and I was surprised at how quiet both the train and the tube were - Loads of people seem to work from home on Friday so it was pretty peaceful getting into work and I got a seat on both the train and the tube! I also managed to do over 5,000 steps today, which isn't bad considering!.

Breakfast was a banana and a slice of malt loaf and for lunch, I decided to go out and wander around my work building and see what was there. I managed to find a place called Tossed which claimed to be 'A healthy eating place' and basically, it's like a buritto place, however rather than getting a custom made burrito, you get a custom made salad, instead! I was slightly scared at going up and ordering as I didn't exactly know what was going on so decided to buy a ready made on instead, however it was really nice so I definitely think I'll be going back there again at some point soon. One of the nice things about the ready made salads was - All the calorie, fat and saturated fat content of each salad was on the label so it was very easy to see what you would be putting in your body.

I managed to say hello to my new Boss today who is out and about on a very regular basis. He seemed to be happy with my progress and said as much - He also asked me to undertake some other objectives so I wasn't just sat at my desk learning stuff, I was actually being productive, which was nice.

After the train journey back home, I cooked a really nice dinner of pan fried salmon, rosemary roasted potatoes and loads and loads of veg. I'm finding sticking loads of veg on my plate is a really good way of filling myself up but doing it with 'good things'. So whilst it might not look overly posh or win any Masterchef contest, it tasted really nice.

Tomorrow I've got a really fun day planned and I'll be out and about with a friend for most of it. There will be a lot of stalls selling food and drink and if it was 2 weeks ago, I'd no doubt be stuffing God knows how much unhealthy food in my mouth... However not tomorrow. I plan to do a quick trip to Marks and Spencers before I go, so I've got enough water and food to last me a good 8-10 hours so I can continue my healthy eating :-)


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