Monday, 3 August 2015

Healthy eating with a hangover

I haven't been this hungover for years.

Had THE most amazing day yesterday - however my friend and I went out drinking last night and decided (God knows why) on 2-for-1 cocktails. It was fun... but it was messy.

We had porn stars (which came with a shot of Prosecco for some reason)

We had some 'Undercover Squirrels'

We had some Woo Woo's...

And to finish, we had a chocolate nut cocktail (me) and a liquor coffee (my friend)

We ALSO had some 'Blueberry Muffin' cocktails and some screaming orgasms... (cocktails, nothing else!) :-) After getting very, very drunk... we were also starving as didn't have any lunch, we had just had breakfast (Which was an experience in itself as we went to a Harvester... I'd never been to one before!). So at 9:30.. we went to a fish restaurant along the sea front...In my drunken haze I kept thinking 'Fish is healthy'..

Behold our dinner! A fish platter - Not entirely sure it was the best thing on the menu (in fact, I'm sure it wasn't) but it was really nice and I'm glad we didn't eat a McDonalds or a massive burger... 

I am really, really, really dehydrated and feeling rather knackered so will update again once I've got rid of my hangover... Currently I'm just drinking lots of water :-)

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