Monday, 31 August 2015

Special Delivery to my front door

Not bad Amazon, not bad at all...

Today started off well, considering I was lying in bed, listening to the rain outside my window. This was slightly frustrating as I had planned to go to the New Forest and go for a 5 mile walk with my camera, however sadly I can't control the weather! Whilst lying in bed, I thought about stuff... my life, my boyfriend, my work... I tend to keep myself really, really busy, so I don't really just sit down and think about things, let my mind wander as it were...

I got up and read my emails - One was from Amazon, saying that they had dispatched my order. Considering I'd only ordered things on Friday afternoon, I was impressed to see that they had dispatched it already, especially on a Bank Holiday Monday. I'd 'treated' myself to a spiraliser as I'm keen to try and continue my healthy eating and thought I might make some 'Courgette pasta' and other interesting shapes with vegetables. It might just be a fad, but hey.. It was quite cheap, so why not? I also decided to buy 'Dream Phone', which sounds rather crazy considering I'm a 30-something woman in a serious relationship, not some teenager in the 80's who wants to dial the massive pink 80's phone and find out who is her secret admirer.

.. But come on, doesn't that sound FUN? Think of it - You plus 2 or 3 friends, Saturday night, few bottles of wine - You play 'Cards against humanity' and then DREAM PHONE.... OK, so maybe it's certain people's idea of Hell, but I know my sisters and friends will find it amusing :-)

After I got out of bed and made myself breakfast, I decided to slob out on the sofa under a duvet - something I really rarely do. I decided to watch 'Animal Park' (the one at Longleat) and got quite emotional whilst watching the baby monkeys try and find fruit in some wooden brush heads that the keeper had set up for them, to keep them busy. Hrm... Is this PMT or something else? I guess I'll find out by the end of this week... :-S

Breakfast was a banana, a slice of Orange malt loaf and some prunes - I only ate half the prunes in the photo as by the time I had eaten my banana and malt loaf, I was rather full. I did want to get out of the house, however, so went to grab some food for my Boyfriend who was getting back from his LAN gaming event in Milton Keynes. He hadn't asked me to, however I thought he'd probably be knackered and having eaten rubbish for the last 3 days, might appreciate some tasty and more healthy food. In the process, I also bought food for lunch (Marks and Spencers fuller for longer range, chicken Yakatori skewers and some BBQ Wholegrain crisps) and dinner (I am making myself a BBQ Chicken wrap with salad and for pudding - grapes!).

M&S seemed to have a lot of reduced items and I'm certainly no snob when it comes to grabbing a bargain. Best before today? No worries, happy to oblige! 

Unfortunately, it continued to rain for most of the day. I mostly vegged out on the sofa, watching random TV and then my Boyfriend texted to tell me that he was home. I popped round with his food and we had a quick chat - Everything was good... until I burst into tears and told him that I'd been quite lonely today and was worried that everything was 'so good' between us, that I was petrified of us breaking up.. I mean.. What.. the.. actual.. f**k? Seriously? this is not me... :-S I'm not a crazy, mental person who worries about stuff to this level...

As per usual, my Boyfriend was lovely and supportive and wasn't edging nervously to the nearest door, or to the phone to phone the men in white coats to say 'She's crazy, take her away'... However I am certainly feeling a bit odd at the moment. I didn't stay long - as I said, he was really tired from all the things he'd been doing over the last few days, but thanked me very much for the food and said he was likely to eat and then fall asleep on the sofa.

After I got back, I realised that Amazon had actually tried to delivery my package! However as I wasn't in, they'd left it with my lovely neighbour. I knocked on her door and collected the package (I'm very lucky to have such lovely neighbours.. we don't really talk, just a friendly 'Hello' but we always take each others packages in and that's about that...) Hurrah! My things have arrived! I'm certainly going to be doing some spiralising this week :-)

Dinner is currently underway, I am just oven baking my BBQ chicken before creating a lovely BBQ chicken salad wrap and following it up with some grapes if I get peckish later on. It's a shame I'm back to work tomorrow, but I am certainly not feeling the same level of dread that I felt a few months ago... 

Now.. what interesting spiralising recipes can I find on the internet..... ?

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