Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lots of love for the salads

This week is going great!

Day 3 of my new job and so far, so good. I worked from home yesterday, so today I was up early, wearing a suit.. and headed into London. I managed to actually get to my desk at 8:00 which is pretty impressive..  I didn't sleep that great, as was still a bit worried about driving to the station and parking there (Never done it before) but like everything this week, I just got on with it.. and it wasn't too bad at all.

Meeting more people of the 'team', they're all lovely - I had a couple of really nice conversations with them today and they even invited me to meetings already. I think the thing I like the most is the fact that most of them seem to be happily married and there doesn't seem to be any hostility, nor any politics.... why? As I'm the only woman in the UK and as I'm not planning on sleeping with anyone, I'm hoping this job will be better than the last one.

I actually think I would be able to eat porridge at work as I've discovered that not only is there a small kitchen on the floor I'm working on... the canteen is also open, so I could buy something healthy there. As I only discovered this, this morning, I actually brought breakfast in with me which was a banana and a small lunch box loaf. 

As I managed to convince one of my team to come to lunch with me, I manage to properly explore the work canteen and it can only be described as AWESOME! They've got the most amazing superfood salad range I've ever seen.. it's quite literally, amazing - fresh, fresh salads... where you can pick and choose different meats to put with it, such as chicken, BBQ pork, salmon, different types of cheeses.. loads of different salad dressings. I loved it, I would have taken a photo, however I didn't bring my camera with me and I thought my work colleague might have thought I was a bit, well... weird, taking a photo of the work canteen. I actually feel excited about going to work on Friday, just to see what other interesting combination of salad I can make up :-)

Commuting is still quite tiring at the moment - I managed to get back home at 6:40pm... How do you relax on a train full of people? Do you usually read? play on your phone? stare out the window or sleep? 

Dinner was a really nice BBQ salad - I roasted some BBQ chicken cutlets and had it with salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers and lentils. It was really, really nice and I'm still feeling really motivated to continue to eat healthy after eating crap for so long... it's just really nice being back in a routine again!

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