Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Jurassic World

I don't think I think like normal people

After work, I travelled to meet my boyfriend at the cinema as we were going to go and watch 'Jurassic World'. I can't say I'm a massive Jurassic Park fan, however it had got good reviews and we hadn't been to the cinema together for months, so I suggested it and we agreed to go today, after work.

As my boyfriend is now healthy eating, it makes it harder to go to restaurants as he's doing things very differently to me - Unlike myself, who's simply watching what she eats and not eating too high fat or calorie foods, my boyfriend has opted for the Atkins approach, so very low carb and lots of protein e.g. meat! We decided we'd buy separate food, so he bought frankfurters, cheese and random Italian meats from Marks and Spencers, whilst I went to Yo! Sushi and bought a large fish sushi box. We sat near the cinema and munched our dinner whilst catching up on stuff and generally chatting.  I have to say, I'd never bought a Yo! Sushi box before and it was actually really nice - the fish was very fresh and it had some maki, some sashimi, nigiri and even a California roll :-)

Heading to the cinema, I had a compulsion to buy some fizzy sweets - not a lot, but I really wanted a something sweet. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) there was noone at the counter and I didn't think you could do the 'pick and mix' on one counter and then move over to the other one to purchase your tickets - By the time we'd got to the front, someone had come back to the counter, however by that point I'd decided that I didn't need them, so we went into the cinema with no food whatsoever.

I don't think I think like normal people as I really didn't like the film. I felt sorry for the 'laboratory made dinosaur' as it wasn't its fault it was a killing machine as noone had given it any love - I also felt really sorry for the velociraptors who showed a lot of loyalty to the Guardians of the Galaxy Dude, yet most of them met their end in a horrible way (like being burnt on a BBQ)... and at the end - only one is left, yet their a pack animal! It's going to be lonely :-(

I appreciate they're not real, however the film seemed to favour people, when actually, it was people who forced them into stupid enclosures and bred them etc.. I was kinda hoping all the guys with guns would get eaten and all the dinosaurs would live in harmony, but sadly that didn't happen.

I don't think my boyfriend was too impressed either, so we headed home and here I am, sat on my sofa watching the second season of 'Hannibal', eating a pack of Marks and Spencers Moroccan spiced chickpea shells and psyching myself up to go to the London office tomorrow for various meetings with my Boss. I have seen him 3 days in a row to date, tomorrow will be number 4.... Joy :-S 

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