Thursday, 18 June 2015

It's the little things...

Off to sunny London I go....

Today has been productive, if not slightly stressful. I am really feeling the effects of a 5 day week as I've had so much holiday recently, I've not actually been in the office for a full week for about - 7 weeks? so this week has felt incredibly long and stressful. 

I knew I'd be going to London today as I had an afternoon meeting, so I didn't plan for lunch as knew I'd be grabbing some sushi at the Japan Centre before heading over to the office. In an attempt to 'spice up' my breakfast, rather than the traditional blueberries, I bought some raspberries and added some of them to my porridge - It was nice, however raspberries seem to disintegrate quite a lot, so you're left with completely red porridge, which is different at the very least, I guess. 

As it's been getting hotter and hotter, it becomes harder for me to 'hide' my body - At least in the winter I can hide in baggy jumpers, cardigans and coats. In the summer it's harder as it's so hot I have a choice: Be incredibly sweaty, uncomfortable and look slightly odd as I'm dressed for winter or wear a lot less layers, be comfortable in regards to heat, but feel really uncomfortable within myself as I'm more 'exposed'. I chose the latter, so only wore a shirt today, however decided to put a cardigan in my handbag as a comfort blanket - If I felt too exposed, at least I could start to put more layers on again and retreat inside myself. 

I seem to go through an automated process when I wake up. Wake up, get up, have a shower, get dressed, clean teeth, brush hair, put on jewellery and perfume, go to work...  This morning I followed the exact same process, except when I put on my jeans and did up my belt - hang on, why does it appear longer? why is the end flapping around my right hand side? It doesn't usually do that..... It turns out that I'm now on my last hole in my belt, something that's not been the case for a good few months and it's not too tight - Wow, that's pretty awesome. 

After a couple of hours in the office, I was ready to head to London - The train station was eerily quiet at 11;00am and I easily got a seat and headed up to London. I also got an email from a recruiter, asking if I could have a telephone interview tomorrow morning which, whilst short notice, was instantly a 'yes' as I'm still desperate to leave my current company.  Despite it being really hot in London, I wasn't too sweaty for once, even when going on the tube - I go only assume it's because I was wearing a normal amount of clothes for the weather and wasn't hiding in a jumper or a cardigan, I was actually surprised at how much difference it made - not to be burdened with extra layers and also, when I thought about it, I didn't feel too self concious, either. 

Lunch was 6 brown rice inari pockets and 3 salmon nigiri which was absolutely delicious - my meeting with my Boss and external people didn't go too badly either (that's 4 days in a row I've had to see him... Why God, Why?) and after another 45 minute meeting with a colleague, I headed back to the main train station to meet my Management Coach. 

Picture a 'friendly Grandfather', someone who is always jolly, has a really lovely personality and who you really feel you can talk to - Like a surrogate Father, if you will - That's my Management Coach and he's a really intelligent and inciteful man who has helped me through a lot of tough times in my company. I've been totally honest with him about what's been happening within the company and he's been amazing at listening and offering support and advice - the main advice being, 'Get out... get a good job somewhere else', which I've accepted is without a doubt, what I need to do.

So today was 'Interview techniques', we went through a number of different scenarios and I seemed to do OK - he gave me a few pointers, including 'Don't say 'We' too much, say 'I' and ensured I have a lot of examples of my skills, so I can demonstrate what I can do. I felt really good after having a long conversation with him and headed back home, sightly nervous about the telephone interview tomorrow, but also excited as it may be another door starting to open....

Dinner was a very tasty pork katsu don (pork, egg and rice dish) and that's all I had as it was quite large. Now I'm sat on my sofa in my pyjamas, watching another episode of Hannibal. 

I think today has been about the little things that are now happening to me, which hopefully will make up bigger things and become more normal.

  • I liked the fact I'm now using the last hole on my belt
  • I liked the fact I didn't cover myself up and get too hot and didn't feel too self concious
  • I liked the fact I got more interest in my CV and have a telephone interview tomorrow
  • I liked the fact I met my Management Coach and he gave me more confidence in myself 

I also like the fact I'm not snacking in the evenings any more. I had my dinner and I'm full - I really hope I can keep this up. If I'm not hungry... I don't need to eat something.

Roll on Friday and definitely roll on the weekend :-)

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